A Renovation Of Historical Swiss Army Building Into Stunning Modern House Design

Have you ever thought of renovating a historical building and make it new? It is real. A Swiss army building from the Second World War has been renovated by Ralph Germann Architectes into a stunning contemporary urban house design.

By keeping its façade, this chalet looked as old as a historical place should be from the outside. When you step inside, you are going to be welcomed by a gorgeous design. Leaving its wooden wall as its origin form, the architects play in another aspect to renew the chalet. Besides the addition of modern furniture, the room is also changed in a makeover with the smart lighting installation to make this house bright and gleam. Its clear radiance does not eliminate the classic historic wooden walls around the house and even put a charming sense in this interior design.

The placement of space-saving solution beds also becomes a point to save space in its less spacious chalet. Decorated freshly with flower and fruit arrangement makes this chalet looks new, alive and natural even more than its original form.

Lovely fireplace and wooden material which take dominant in this chalet blends perfectly in giving warmth sensation inside the house. Now the historical place looks even friendly and luxurious in its new appearance even its original shaped is still kept.