13 Design Ideas Of Bedroom

Designing a bedroom to be romantic is something great. We can design it by ourselves and get the perfect look. The ideas of the romantic bedroom are great as the inspiration. We can apply them as the great way to decorate our bedroom.

Purple is one of the good choices of color if we want to get the romantic atmosphere in our bedroom. That will be a great idea. In addition, playing with lighting can also affect on the romantic atmosphere. It will give a great impact to the room.

The romantic bedroom can also be designed for girl. We can easily make it romantic with right lighting and pattern choice.

The details of the bedroom are also important. We can choose the classic style for the details, with the flowers, engraved furniture, chandelier, candles, and others. That is a good idea for romantic room.

The soft brown theme can also give the romantic look of bedroom. Make it much more romantic by the great window of the bedroom. The semi circular window can be a good choice. They will be the perfect combination.

White is a good choice for getting the romantic atmosphere. However, we often feel that it looks too simple and plain. Combining with other color on bright tone will be a good idea, such like green or turquoise. We can apply the green colors for the bed sheet and also curtain as the high light.