13 Awesome Images Of Rooftop Garden Design

If you don’t have large space in your yard, why don’t you make use of your rooftop as your garden? It’s a new trend to build small rooftop garden with some chairs where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. 13 awesome images of rooftop garden design include some ideas for your rooftop garden.

Even if you’re living in an apartment, you can still create your rooftop garden. You can plant some plants in planter boxes and put some garden furniture. Even though it’s a small rooftop garden, you can still sit there gazing at the building, sky, and the surrounding neighborhood. The minimum size of the space makes the use of planter box becoming essential. Wooden planter box is the best choice.

You can combine the wooden planter box with metal bench. Install garden pathway in your rooftop garden to create natural feeling into the space. Even though it’s in the rooftop, you can still build a small fish pond. You can combine it with wood bench and plant some water lilies.

You also need to choose the plants for your rooftop garden. Choose small trees, flowering shrubs or bushes. You can also choose desert plants and cactus to create a desert theme garden.